Tree & Shrub Care

Trees and shrubs are a vital part of any landscape. When they are unhealthy it can not only be unsightly but also potentially dangerous for people on your property. We can provide evaluation services that will help diagnose issue with your trees and shrubs and work with you to develop a plan of treatment.Penn Tree1 LR

One of the best ways to create a strong and healthy tree or shrub is through proper pruning. If done regularly pruning can promote health and eliminate risk of fallen limbs from dead or dying plants. Spraying and Fertilization is another way we can keep your trees and shrubs at their best. We can not only spray for pests but also fertilize creating healthy soil which in turns creates healthy plants.

 Although care and maintenance is the best plan sometimes a tree or shrub must be removed due to death or damage. Our team can safely remove trees and eliminate risks from your property. 

  • Tree Removal
  • Fertilization
  • Pest Spraying
  • Pruning
  • Storm & Emergency Cleanup
  • Site Analysis & Diagnosis